Advisory Services

  • Tax counselling.
  • Domestic and international tax planning.
  • Tax management.
  • Business and corporate advice.
  • Legal advice.
  • Management of administrative and accountancy processes.

Domestic Taxation

  • Tax planning for bodies corporate: Corporation Tax, VAT, etc.
  • Taxation of restructuring operations: mergers, demergers, transfer of securities, division of shareholders.
  • Tax consolidation.
  • Tax planning for individuals: Income, Property and Inheritance Tax.
  • Local taxation: Business Activities Tax, Rates, etc.
  • Due Diligence Processes.

International Taxation

  • Inpatriate and expatriate taxation.
  • Deployment of foreign investments in Spain (Subsidiaries, Branch Offices).
  • Taxation of foreign investments in Spain.
  • Transfer pricing documentation.
  • Analysis of the application of Double Taxation Conventions.
  • EU Guidelines: head office-branch, interest and royalty payments.

Tax Proceedings and Procedures

  • Assistance with tax management or inspection procedures.
  • Assistance with taxation disciplinary procedures and tax violation investigations.
  • The filing of claims and appeals with administrative bodies and Financial-Administrative Courts, Litigations.
  • Formulation of tax-related queries for presentation before the Tax Authorities.

Corporate Area

  • Advice with commercial and corporate affairs.
  • Company-shareholder relations.
  • Secretarial services to the company's Board of Directors.
  • Public deed and commercial register management.

Corporate Outsourcing

  • Accounts management and processing, both at our offices and at the client's headquarters.
  • Periodic information processes or reports to overseas head offices.
  • Monitoring and analysis of budgets and cash flow forecasts.
  • Administrative billing and collection management processes.
  • Management of the taxes applicable to your company.
  • Payroll management.


  • Criminal Compliance Management System.
  • Adaptation to the Spanish Anti-Money Laundering Act.
  • Adaptation to the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act.
  • Obligatory audits regarding compliance with the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act.
  • Adaptation to RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation).

Other Services

  • Advice in bankruptcy-related matters. (Pre-bankruptcy phase, application for voluntary bankruptcy, etc.).
  • Legal proceedings.
  • Asset acquisition study (leasing, bank loans, etc.).
  • Company valuations.
  • Company audits.
  • Receivership.
  • Labour law.